Thursday, January 8, 2015

Monsters vs. Aliens

Like a lot of Dreamworks movies, the idea of the movie is good but it lacks in execution.  The ending result of the movie is that it’s just doesn’t deliver the promise of an original and fun movie.  Granted, Monsters vs. Aliens isn’t horrible but it felt lacking in humour and also in plot.  The beginning is fast paced, with the main character quickly gaining her “power” of becoming a giant with matching strength.  However, it quickly degrades into a movie with too many tired clich├ęs where every single thing that happens is predictable.  The jokes and gags aren’t hilarious, while there are a few where it will bring out a chuckle, there is nothing that will make you burst out laughing.  The climax is also disappointing, there is no sense of urgency or any sort of crescendo, the movie stays flat the whole way through.  The antagonist is boring with no motives for the things that he does.  The movie really needed an evil villain with a proper backstory instead of this shallow excuse that we have.  Overall, while not a bad movie, it’s just very predictable and doesn’t deliver its full promise.

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