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Toy Review: Transformers Age of Extinction One-Step Changers Slash

Review:  #214
Name:  Slash
Brand:  Transformers
Allegiance:  Autobot
Line:  Age of Extinction
Year of Release:  2014
Size Class:  One-Step Changers (Wave 2)
Variations:  none but shares the engineering with One-Step Changers Grimlock


Slash is an original Dinobot which did not appear in the Age of Extinction movie, he transforms into a robotic velociraptor.

Sharing a similar design with his Deluxe toy, there are some fantastic sculpting on this figure.

In particular, the dinosaur head is impressive with the amount of detail.

He is mostly aquamarine and green with some silver detailing.  This is a really well formed dinosaur mode with no robot kibble sticking out and no proportion issues at all.

He is bigger than a Scout but smaller than a Deluxe.

A good dinosaur mode that looks fantastic with no flaws whatsoever.


Being a one-step, Slash's transformation is very simple.  It is geared so that when you pull the dinosaur legs out, he automatically unfolds into robot mode.  It's quick, easy and fun, not to mention well engineered.


Slash's robot mode isn't as good as his dinosaur mode, there are some terrible proportion issues here, particular the way his arms curve and the awkwardly looking and close legs.

He has some kibble situated around the place, the dinosaur head acts as heel spurs but it doesn't work too well because Slash still wobbles while standing.

The headsculpt is good but it is fixed in place.  I am surprised at how well it replicated some of the finer details of the Deluxe figure such as the frills on either side of the head and above his knees.

He's a little bit taller than a Scout now as well but still well shorter than a Deluxe.

His poseability is limited to swinging his arms forward, I guess that's more than you would expect considering that everything will be compromised for the one-step transformation.

An okay robot mode which doesn't look that great.


In order to like Slash, you would either like the gimmick (which is well executed here) or you like the dinosaur mode.  If either, then Slash is well worth getting.  However, considering his price is near a Deluxe yet provides less plastic for your money and less poseability, only recommended if you like the gimmick because he is quite fun to transform from mode to mode.


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