Tuesday, January 20, 2015

X-Men 2

X-Men 2 has a solid story that while you are left in the dark in the beginning, it slowly dawns on you and makes sense.  It addresses what happened in the previous movie, from how Magneto gets out of prison to Wolverine’s backstory.  Granted, all of this makes the movie blow out to over two hours and at times, it can feel a bit too long.  There is a slight reliance on special effects, which means that some scenes it wouldn’t have aged well.  It introduces a few new mutants into the main cast, most of them are likeable but it feels as if the movie is being stretched too thin in order to give each character some focus.  It ends up with some characters having a pointless role, which could have easily been cut from the movie and it wouldn’t affect the story at all.  X-Men 2 is lacking some memorable action scenes, it would have been awesome to see the mutants battle it out but we only get small battles here and there.

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