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Toy Review: Transformers Age of Extinction Then & Now Optimus Prime Promotional Statues

Review:  #212
Name:  Optimus Prime
Brand:  Transformers
Allegiance:  Autobot
Line:  Age of Extinction - Then & Now
Year of Release:  2014
Size Class:  N/A - die-cast figurines
Variations:  none


To celebrate the release of the fourth Transformers film:  Age of Extinction, and also the release of the toyline, a set of two Optimus Prime statues was released as promotional items in Asia.

These were not for sale, they were freebies given when you purchased Transformers figures over a certain amount.

On one side, there is artwork of G1 Optimus.

While on the other, it is Movie Optimus.  It carries the same Transformers branded packaging design as the rest of the AOE figures.

The movie side is a flap which you can upon.  Be careful though as the tab likes to catch and you could end up ripping the box.

Inside, you can see the two figures, nice that they included this if you didn't want to take them out.

However, to see in greater detail these figures, we will need to take them out, so shall we?

As you can see, they have no additional paint apps but they both look pretty cool.


Let's start with G1 Optimus.  First thing you'll notice is how heavy these figures compared to their size.  They're made of die-cast so it's not surprising that this might be the case.

The sculpting is great in these figures, containing equally as much detailing on the back as the front.

His side profile is a bit thin however.

They're statues, so they are absolutely not poseable.  For some reason, Optimus's shoulders looks warped.  He carries his iconic blaster.

The headsculpt detailing isn't the best and G1 Optimus takes on a bronze-ish color.

These are only small figurines, next to him is a Deluxe sized figure.


The other figure is Optimus Prime from the movie universe, in his AOE body (which isn't my favorite design).

Being from the movie, it is much harder to replicate the thousands of parts in the design but the sculpting does a good job.

Optimus carries his sword which seems a bit stumpy and with the end chopped off.

I think this figure does a better job in terms of the intricacy of details.

They've managed to pack in heaps of detailing in here without make it look like an undefined mess.

I'm very impressed with the attention to detail on the back of the figure.

Once again, the side profile is a bit slim.

He stands at the same height as the G1 Optimus statue.


For freebies, these are really nice and definitely better than the die-cast coins you get with the Masterpiece releases.  However, I would not pay too much money for them and considering that online stores were selling it for around US$5 before shipping back when they were released, that was a good price for them.


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