Saturday, July 22, 2017

Book Review: Neon Genesis Evangelion Volume 6

Review:  #675
Title:  Neon Genesis Evangelion Volume 6
Series:  Neon Genesis Evangelion - 6th volume
Author:  Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Read Before:  no
Comments:  Volume 6 continues providing readers with more intriguing tidbits about the universe and the nature of Evas and Angels.  You’re provided a bit of a surprise when the fourth child, i.e. the fourth pilot, was revealed since that character was the last person you’d expected.  The drastic change to the character as a result of this, as they realize the heavy consequences, fleshed out the character a lot more instead of being just comedic relief like they had been before.  It crafts a sad story around the fourth child so that by the end of the volume, the events that happen impact you heavily.  As more of Nerv’s secrets are revealed, readers are left hungering for more and this is what makes the series so addictive.
Rating:  7/10

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