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Toy Review: Transformers The Last Knight Premier Edition Hound (Voyager)

Review:  #392
Name:  Hound
Brand:  Transformers
Allegiance:  Autobot
Line:  The Last Knight
Year of Release:  2017
Size Class:  Voyager (Wave 2)
Mold Status:  new


Hound transforms into a backless Mercedes Unimog tactical vehicle in a camo green color scheme.

This is a decent vehicle mode which looks distinctive and accurate.  There is paint on the tyres to simulate mud.  Hound does lack a bit in the paint department for the sculpted details so can look a bit bland.

Hound is quite big, above is a comparison against Generations Titans Return Voyager Megatron (in tank mode).

The gun assembly attaches onto the back, like a pair of anti-aircraft guns.

Hound has painted windows.  The panels hold together securely once you have properly snap the all into place.  The sides in particular are somewhat annoying initially to align.

A strong vehicle mode.  While the lack of intricate paint applications does make him a bit bland from certain angles, it also fits with the military theme.


Getting Hound into robot mode (and vice versa) isn't too difficult, it is just the right level of complexity.  Like a lot of movie toys, the vehicle mode folds inside out to reveal the robot (due to the lack of obvious vehicle kibble in robot mode in the character designs).  There's really nothing spectacular about the transformation scheme, the front forms the legs and the sides form the arms.


Hound's robot mode is recognisable as the old chubby ageing bot with a big gut.

He has bits of the sides of the vehicle as kibble on his back, and the vehicle front on the back of his legs which is more troubling.

The headsculpt is very organic, that's the problem with the movie designs these days, they're too human-inspired.  Either way, they bothered to paint his beard black.

A gimmick here is that the top of his head can detach, just like in the movie, mimicking a soldier taking off their hat.  It's a tight fit so requires some force to detach the first time.

Hound is a little bit shorter than your typical Voyager but he is wide and bulky.

There amount of sculpted detailing is impressive.  His belt and chest in particular are filled with grenades and pouches (again, very un-robotic).

Poseability is Hound's weakest aspect but only because of his body type.  His legs in particular are short and stubby.

The wheels as feet is annoying since they don't lock and are too loose for their own good.  He also lacks heelspurs so stability is an issue if he isn't standing up straight in a neutral pose.

If you keep the weapon combined, the it's a huge quad-barrelled weapon.

The combined weapon is a bit big for Hound to wield but looks powerful.

When no in use, it can attach onto his back as storage.

Otherwise, the weapon can break into five pieces, although one piece is just a connector piece and isn't suppose to be used as a weapon.

First off are two double-barrelled guns, the other pieces can be pegged onto his shoulder pieces.

Hound then has a pair of secondary smaller guns.

Arm articulation is great which makes the disappointing leg articulation all the worse.

An average robot mode, the biggest boon is the versatility of the weapons.


Hound is an okay toy.  The vehicle mode is great but the robot mode disappoints.  It's accurate to the character model but the limited legs really kills the figure, especially the lack of heelspurs and the loose wheel-feet.  While the best rendition of the character, only get if cheap.


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