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Toy Review: Transformers The Last Knight Premier Edition Barricade

Review:  #389
Name:  Barricade
Brand:  Transformers
Allegiance:  Decepticons
Line:  The Last Knight
Year of Release:  2017
Size Class:  Deluxe (Wave 1)
Mold Status:  new


Barricade, despite apparently being killed in Dark of the Moon, returns for The Last Knight, complete with a new figure.  He transforms into a Saleen Mustang 302 police cruiser this time.

This is a really good vehicle mode with clear plastic for all windows and both windshields, and also painted tail lights.

Barricade is a Deluxe sized figure and he's about on par with other figures this size (above is a comparison against DOTM Jolt).  Note though that the back half is gappy so he doesn't feel as substantial in hand.

Barricade retains the awesome theme of a Decepticon disguised as a police vehicle, and has his infamous slogan of "to punish and enslave" above the rear wheel on each side.

While he may look completely black, he is actually comprised of dark blue and black.  It can be hard to tell the two different colors at first glance.

The robot weapon can peg onto the back as a sort of gun attachment.  The paint used on the clear plastic matches the unpainted plastic really well.

An awesome vehicle mode, Barricade returns as the police vehicle we all know and love.


A bit simple but that works to the figure's playability.  The only tricky part at first, and this is because the instructions omitted it, is that the shoulders are on hinges that can click up which would help tuck his arms away in vehicle mode.  Otherwise, basically most of the car folds onto the robot's back which can't be helped considering the character model is complex and lacks big pieces of vehicle kibble in robot mode.


Barricade's robot mode is a tad bit inaccurate to the character model but ignoring that, he looks great, wearing the vehicle hood as his chest.

He is very kibble wearing the roof of the vehicle, complete with the windshield and windows, on his back in a giant piece.  The whole thing is transparent plastic, even the hinges, so one must take care especially if you wanted to remove it and unofficially use it as a riot shield.

The headsculpt is great, and you can make out the four individual eyes.

Barricade is shorter than your typical Deluxes, which isn't helped when he has a hunching stocky build.

In another neat attention to detail, his knuckles contain mirrored wording of "SERVE" and "PROTECT".

Barricade has a lot of poseability and while his feet lacks proper solid heelspurs, he's stable with what he has.

A slight negative is how "thin" the legs are, they could have used the extra space in vehicle mode to bulk it up a bit and make him more imposing.

Surprisingly, Barricade comes with a bunch of weapons, including a pistol, a nightstick and a multi-barrelled gun.

The multi-barrelled gun just wraps around his hand.  It's hard to tell whether it is supposed to be a projectile weapon or something like a knuckle-duster.

When not in use, you can store it on his back, the same placement in vehicle mode.

The gun can be held in either hand, and a neat thing is that his hips have holsters/pegs for the weapons to store, you don't even have to remove them for transformation.

There are a variety of different ways for Barricade to wield his weapons, which is the best part about the figure, he's flexible.

Surprisingly, Barricade also has wrist articulation.

A strong robot mode that has heaps of sculpted detailing.


While Barricade is a tad bit simple, he is a fun figure brimming with personality.  With a big role in the movie and multiple accessories to arm him with, Barricade might very well be the best Deluxe figure in the The Last Knight's offerings.


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