Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Book Review: Neon Genesis Evangelion Volume 4

Review:  #671
Title:  Neon Genesis Evangelion Volume 4
Series:  Neon Genesis Evangelion - 4th volume
Author:  Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Read Before:  no
Comments:  The third protagonist is introduced in the volume, being Soryu Asuka and perhaps the most surprising aspect is her attitude.  She does not come across as a likeable character being a two-faced bully:  respectful towards adults and people of authority while foul-mouthed towards people of her own age.  Thankfully, while this behaviour continues for most of the volume, she starts showing signs of change towards the end.  The volume is engaging since an Angel of special ability appears, able to split in two and both bodies needing to be defeated at exactly the same time.  This is one of the first times where we are given a more in-depth analysis of an Angel and developing a counter strategy.
Rating:  6.5/10

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