Friday, July 14, 2017

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV (2016)

Kingsglaive is set before the events of the Final Fantasy XV game and tells the story of the fall of the kingdom of Lucis to the empire Niflheim.  Apparently, the developers of the game had to cut this portion of the story out of the game but still wanted to tell the story, and thus a film was created out of this desire.  Kingsglaive starts out strong with a quick death scene that sets the villainous tone of Niflheim before a large scale battlefield.  It felt weird though when the film described the empire of Nilfheim as reliant on machines (or "magitek") yet uses a lot of monsters and "daemons" during the war.  Anyway, the fight scenes were enjoyable and the ability to warp of the Lucian soldiers made for some pretty visuals.  The plot slows down after the intense first fight and takes a while to get going again.  The climax was worthwhile, once again, a lot of pretty visuals as the battle rages on.  You need to be at least somewhat familiar with the concept and background of Final Fantasy XV in order to fully enjoy Kingsglaive, but this also slightly ruins the surprises as you know what is coming.  Unfortunately, by the end of the film, due to the events that had transpired you know that most of the characters will not be appearing in the game.  Overall Kingsglaive is a great setup for the game and that is the main thing to take into mind, it was created to hype up the game and while it can stand alone as a film, it is more like an extended intro cutscene.

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