Friday, July 7, 2017

The Martian (2015)

The Martian tells the story of a crew during a mission on Mars, where they had to abort due to a strong dust storm threatening their safety.  Along the way to get back to their vehicle, Matt Damon's character Mark is presumed dead after being struck by equipment and lost in the storm.  Naturally, Mark is not dead and he is left stranded on Mars, with rescue in four years as a best case scenario, and with only a few months' worth of food.  The Martian continues to present problem after problem to Mark's scenario and keeps the viewers engaged through how the character finds solutions to these problems.  No food?  Then let's grow some.  Site of eventual rescue is too far?  Then let's find a way to push the rover to its limits.  The interesting aspect is not only the solutions itself, but how to make the solution work.  The film makes an effort to be realistic which makes it much more engaging when you come to realize that the events could actually possible happen and in a way, reminds you of Apollo 13.  The Martian is a long film and it packs so much content into the 2+ hours.  Overall, The Martian is a great film and is a rare space movie that isn't all about alien invasions.

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