Friday, July 21, 2017

Zootopia (2016)

Zootopia is in a world where animals have evolved to create their own civilisation and living in gigantic sprawling cities.  Early on, it derives its humor from parallels to the human society we all know from the real world, and how it is adapted with animals instead.  It works well and makes you want more.  Zootopia surprisingly ends up turning into a detective story about the first ever bunny cop on a missing person's case.  Teaming up with a stereotypical sly and cunning fox as her partner, Officer Hopps and small-time con artist Nick end up uncovering a darker plot.  It takes midway through the film before the plot picks up as up until that point, it was more Hopps trying to adjust to the big city life and the humorous events that arises.  It is after Zootopia gets serious about its mysteries when it truly grips you until the end.  While the villains were predictable if you've watched enough movies, it didn't dilute its impact.  Zootopia packs enough charm to make it a fun and enjoyable film for all ages.

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