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Toy Review: Transformers Masterpiece MPM-3 Bumblebee

Name:  Bumblebee
Brand:  Transformers
Allegiance:  Autobot
Line:  Masterpiece
Year of Release:  2017
Size Class:  Masterpiece (MPM-3)
Mold Status:  new


Like the normal Masterpiece figures, MPM-3 Bumblebee (he is already third since TakaraTomy released two redecoes as MPM-1 Starscream and MPM-2 Bumblebee a few years ago) comes in a black box, although unlike the mainline releases, the box is glossed and lacks the premium feel.

The stock photos on the back is also notably limited as it only shows off the two modes and some gimmicks.  Opening him up also reveals only the figure in vehicle mode and the stinger blaster.


Designed as the ultimate rendition of Bumblebee from the film series, in particularly, his first movie form, boy, does it deliver.

Bumblebee transforms into a Chevrolet Camaro, the production version which has some minor differences to the onscreen concept version (such as the antenna).

This is seriously the best alternate mode we've had for Bumblebee and fully deserves the Masterpiece name.  The amount of painted detailing is staggering.

While the yellow plastic isn't painted (which can be a good thing since paint chips easily) he has painted headlights, tail lights, indicators, license plate, wheel rims, door handles and the badges.

He simply looks amazing here, the only negative is the mismatch of yellow of the rear section since it is yellow paint on clear plastic, which is always a nightmare to match to the plastic.

Bumblebee is approximately Voyager sized, and above is a comparison against Movie the Best Human Alliance Soundwave to get an idea of the size.

Undocumented in the instructions, the stinger blaster (robot mode weapon) can store on the buttom.  You can also see the whole vehicle mode is packed.  The only play value here is the rolling wheels, the doors can't open (at least not naturally) due to transformation.

A stunning vehicle mode that has minimal flaws.


Once again, the figure lives up to the Masterpiece name.  While not super complex to the point of frustration, there are a lot of neat tricks that are very clever.  The windshield and roof assembly collapses and neatly folds into the torso, then purely for aesthetics purposes to make the robot mode looks look from the sides, there are small pieces of plastic that covers up the gap.  The legs are also interesting and completely different to any Bumblebee toys we've had in the past and allows the rear of the vehicle to sit flush against the legs.  The only "conventional" elements of the transformation is how the warped vehicle chest, and the arms form.


The designation of the ultimate rendition of Bumblebee is even more true in robot mode.  He is so accurate to the character model that is is crazy and you cannot believe that the engineers have managed to achieve something like this.

The impressive thing is that Bumblebee doesn't have any kibble.  Every unnecessary piece is tucked away (mostly into his torso), so he looks equally great from the back.

The headsculpt is great, right down to the screwholes and lightpiped eyes.  Notice that Bumblebee also has the "collar" around his head, that's attention to detail right there.

The figure has die-cast in various spots, most of it in his legs (some painted, some unpainted) to stabilitize him since the legs are somewhat hollow after transformation.  The other major piece of die-cast is a transformation strut that ends up in his torso.

They've managed to mimic the warped vehicle chest to great effect here as well as the forearm guards.

Bumblebee is very streamlined in robot mode and is still around the height of a Voyager.

With a comparison against a traditional Masterpiece, above is against Tigertrack, of whom Bumblebee is slightly taller against.

Finally, a comparison with the first Bumblebee Deluxe figure on the left, and the previous "ultimate" Bumblebee, Battle Blades Bumblebee on the right.  This Masterpiece version is far superior to both of them.

As touted on the back of the packaging, Bumblebee has articulated hands.  His thumb has two joints, his index has two joints, and the rest of his fingers are molded as one with two joints.  This is in addition to his wrist swivel.

While he has "inward facing" elbows, his wrist swivels allow him to hold more natural poses.

Poseability is excellent as you'd expect.  His feet has limited ankle movement although on the whole, he can keel over backwards due to how the transformation joints are placed.  It's not a major issue though.

He not only has his signature door-wings, but also the little winglets, although they're not angled properly which is a shame.

Bumblebee features his flip-down battle mask which is deployed by lifting his crest, then folding the mask over his heads and pegging the mask back down.

The mask is great and once again in robot mode, he features a load of paint applications to highlight the intricate sculpting.

Unfortunately, Bumblebee doesn't have an integrated arm blaster, but he has the next best thing which is a removable once.

You need to flip a hand back and then peg the blaster on (which holds it very securely).

When not in use, it can peg onto a place onto his back, out of the way.

A few pieces are adjustable to your liking, such as the door-wings and wheels, his shoulder pieces and the thigh pieces.

An amazing robot mode that does the character justice and pretty much, we have no need of any future Bumblebee toys for this particular rendition...


This is truly the Masterpiece Bumblebee that renders all previous versions, and probably most future versions, obsolete.  He has two stunning modes but it is the robot mode that will cause your jaw to drop.  Bumblebee is so accurate that you cannot believe that he can transform.  While he is a bit pricey (even compared to the recent Masterpiece Autobot Cars), MPM-3 Bumblebee is highly recommended as he is a perfect figure.


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Also below are the remaining pictures not used in the main body of the review.


  1. Hey, nice review,I was wondering if you could post an image with the car modes: MPM, normal Deluxe, 2007 deluxe and battle blades.

  2. Thank you! I believe Seibertron already has some photos of MPM3 with previous versions of Bumblebee.


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