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Toy Review: Transformers Generations Titans Return Topspin & Freezeout

Review:  #391
Name:  Topspin & Freezeout
Brand:  Transformers
Allegiance:  Autobot
Line:  Generations - Titans Return
Year of Release:  2017
Size Class:  Deluxe (Wave 4)
Mold Status:  new


Starting out with the Titan Master first, Freezeout is one that comes with Topspin and like a lot of the other Titan Masters in the line, he is completely unpainted.

The robot head is visible on the back.  The articulation is limited to the balljointed arms and head.

The headsculpt has a watery theme to it with something that looks like a breathing apparatus.


Topspin transforms into a spaceship/underwater vehicle.  It's hard to actually tell what it is other than it looks amazing.

There are propellers on the back and the front-half is painted with silver and white.

As with all figures in this line, there is a card showcasing artwork.

Topspin is a bulky and hefty Deluxe figure, we haven't had something like this for a while.  Above is a comparison against DOTM Jolt.

The main place that interacts with Titan Masters is the cockpit, which opens.  You have to pull the sides out to get a good grip to pull it up though.

The guns can snap together to form a seat.

A stellar vehicle mode that's also a great homage to the original.


Pleasantly complex and fun, Topspin's transformation involves a few more twists (literally) than you'd expect.  It makes it much more interesting and satisfying.  While the general gist is still the back extends to form the legs, and the sides pull out to form the arms, how it actually does it is a little bit more involved.


Topspin's robot mode is strong and looks stellar with the chunkiness.

He has a bit of kibble on his back being part of the cockpit and the vehicle's front prongs.  The wings on his shoulders doesn't fold back fully so they will stick out either way.

The headsculpt is great with a metallic blue visor and silver face.

Again, he is tall and bulky in robot mode and while his forearms, shins and torso are hollow, he doesn't feel like it.

Poseability is good, Topspin lacks a waist swivel due to transformation but everything else has a wide range.

His large feet allows him to be stable in a lot of poses.  The feet has up/down motion thanks to the transformation joint but not side to side.

Topspin's weapons are a pair of guns, both of which are covered in silver paint.

He can hold a weapon in either hand and to accommodate the Titan Master gimmick, one side of the gun is molded nicely while the other is filled with hollow bits.

While the white and blue are all unpainted plastic, what little paint he has in robot mode help bring out the sculpting.

A fantastic robot mode for a fairly obscure character.


Topspin is a fantastic toy.  He has two strong modes connected via a clever transformation scheme.  He feels great in your hands and has all the play value that the line offers including various spots of interaction with Titan Masters and a wide range of articulation.  One of the best in the Titans Return line, Topspin is a must-have.


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